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Test Preparation Customized to Your Student's Strengths, Goals, and Learning Style

Excel Tutoring is proud to offer prep for the following tests:



• SATII (Subject Tests)




ACT Preparation

Excel Tutoring's ACT preparation curriculum is the pride of the company. Our students see an average increase of 2-3 composite points per month of tutoring. Excel's expert tutors will personalize the curriculum for your student based on the Diagnostic ACT Test that we recommend all ACT students take before starting sessions. Unlike other companies that work through pre-written books or just go over practice test after practice test, Excel teaches concepts and strategies using proprietary materials with a track record of success for students.

SAT Preparation
While most students choose the ACT over the SAT, students who are unsure which test is better for them should come in and take a Diagnostic ACT and SAT (on separate days). Your Excel Tutor will review the tests and recommend the test better suited to your student's strengths. Our tutors 

PSAT Preparation 

If your student is capable of becoming a National Merit Scholarship Candidate, then PSAT prep is right for you. While for most students the PSAT doesn't count for anything, for students above the 95th percentile can improve their chances of getting National Merit Scholar honors with PSAT prep. If you are unsure if your student would be a good candidate for PSAT prep, just ask us, and we will let you know if it'd be worth the investment.

SAT Subject Test Preparation (SAT II) 

The most hyper competitive universities often require two or more Subject Tests. Your Excel Tutor can help your student determine which tests would best showcase strengths and produce the highest score as well as prepare for the tests with material and practice tests.

College Application Essay Writing

Our tutors know what college admissions officers want (and don't want) to see from a college application essay. We help students with everything from brainstorming to final editing. While some students want more help than others, Excel Tutors always start by making sure students know what makes a good application essay (and what doesn't).


GRE Preparation

While most of our students are high schoolers, we also have tutors who are qualified GRE tutors. If your student's hope is grad-school, we can help!

AP Test Preparation

Whether your student is taking one AP Test or eight AP Tests (which we have had happen), your Excel tutor will ensure that your student is fully prepared to score a passing grade on the test. Our owner, Erin, saved over $50,000, a years tuition and board at Rice University, by passing multiple AP Tests.

One-on-One Test Preparation Tutoring

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